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Academic Council

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School Advisory Council - Rules and Regulations

  • Terms Interpretation

    In the constitution of the SAC, unless a contrary intention appears:

    • Chairman – Managing Trustee of the Uday Educational & Charitable Trust and presiding member of the Council
    • Councilors – All the members of the Council
    • Academic Year – Year starting 01 June and ending 31 May of following year.
    • General Meeting – All Parent-Teacher meetings of the School
    • Majority - More than half of the Council members
    • Parent - Parent or guardian of the student attending the school
    • School Family – All parents, pupils and staff of the school and all the persons who have a legitimate interest in or connection with the school
  • Objective- To strengthen the education system in the school in order to achieve the vision of the school
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the SAC Members
    • To act honestly, in good faith and in the interest of the uplift of the school as a whole
    • Be good ambassadors of the school and uplift the image of the school in public.
    • Help to fulfill the educational needs of the students of the school regardless of their ability, race, creed, gender, physical condition and financial means.
    • Set the broad direction and vision of the school.
    • Focus on the importance of education for the development of the society.
    • Never use the SAC membership for personal gain.
    • Never disclose any confidential information of the school to others.
    • Refer all complaints through the proper chain of command within the school and system.
    • Provide a forum for parents, students, teachers and promoters to work together for the betterment of the school.
    • Provide the opportunity and environment to develop shared responsibility in the students' learning.
    • Encourage and facilitate effective participation in the school’s improvement process.
    • SAC shall not directly manage the school as that is the responsibility of the Principal.
    • SAC shall not have any authority on financial matters of the school.
    • SAC shall not enter into or be bound by any contractual transactions for and on behalf of the school unless authorised for such purpose in its constitution and bylaw.
    • The School Management and SAC are clearly separate entities.
    • The focus of SAC is on improving student learning and outcomes.
    • The positive and respectful relationship between the SAC and the school administration will be essential for the success of the school.
    • SAC will attend the General Meeting at least once a year.
  • Term
    • The term of SAC membership is two years. If the Trust desires, it can be extended for a further period.
    • If a member wants to resign, he can resign from the membership by giving a written request to the Chairman.
    • If the Trust wants to suspend any member due to any reason, it can be done with the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • Financial Benefits to SAC Members

    No financial assistance will be given to members for their work in SAC. However, TA, DA and sitting fees may be claimed as per the school norms.