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Education forms the person and better education forms a better person. The body, mind and soul of the person undergo wholesome development resulting in the formation of a good personality and character. Only such persons can change the society and the country for the better. That is why, giving better education to the citizens of tomorrow helps in making the society, the country and the world a better place to live in.

Philosophers like Aristotle, Confucius and numerous Indian thinkers and saints, and several modern intellectuals like Rousseau have written a lot on the role of education in their respective societies. In 1982, famous philosopher and educator Mortimore Adler suggested three objectives of schooling - 'the development of citizenship, self-improvement or personal growth and occupational preparation'. Refinement of character is part and parcel of ideal personal growth.

Education has been recognised as the engine of a nation’s economy, the foundation of its culture, and the essential preparation for a good adult life. Science is taught as a means to get explanations about how this world works; and engineering is taught as a means to find solutions to human problems and needs.

Teachers help students to advance and refine their understanding, interpret and analyse data and design solutions. Students learn to obtain, evaluate and communicate useful information and to build upon them for the fulfilment of the purposes of their lives. The best school will be where teachers and students work in unison towards the refinement of the personality of each student.

Good education helps in physical, mental and spiritual development, for the formation of good character, and the acquisition of a good career. The body, mind and soul are interdependent. A good soul or spirit needs the support of a good mind and a good mind resides only in a fit body. When all these three components of a person are well formed and developed, education serves its purpose.

Most educators consider centres of education as places where students acquire the skills necessary for a meaningful and fruitful personal, social, political and economic life as a good citizen, following a career path chosen by each according to his/her inclinations, interests and talents.

Every nation, and the world as a whole, needs well educated people. Therefore, the prime requirement in nation-building is to impart good education to future citizens for their growth in life through acquiring of knowledge, formation of character, development of good personality and building of a good career in life. A person with good education will become the mainstay of a good family, a good community and a good nation.

A good education is the sine qua non for becoming fit to face life, getting the skill and courage to overcome problems, solving one's own issues and those faced by family and community, helping in the development of the society and the nation, and leaving the world a better place for posterity. A well-educated person is an asset for his community and the nation; and a sizeable group of persons with good education can change the world for the better.