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The SKPS faculty consists of a team of dedicated and qualified teachers who love their profession and have a genuine interest in teaching and guiding children and teenagers. They take interest in the progress of their students and work even outside of class hours to coach the students and prepare them for tests and exams. They pay individual attention to each student and ensure that slow learners are given more coaching to make them catch up with the rest.

Mrs. Renuka T., the Principal

Mrs. Renuka T, the Principal from 2013, hails from Nagercoil and is a dedicated educationist. She is a post graduate in Biology with a B Ed degree. She has over two decades of experience in teaching in high profile schools, including Nissan Public School - Haryana (1994 to 1998), Dr. G.R. Public School –Trivandrum (1998 to 2003; 2007 to 2011), IGCSE & O under the Ministry of Education - Republic of Maldives (2003 to 2006) and TIME Institute (2011 to 2013).

She is a multi-faceted personality and has attended various workshops and training sessions conducted by CBSE, NCERT and ICSE. Her rich exposure to the CBSE curriculum has empowered her with a diverse and innovative approach towards teaching. She is a strong believer of 'teaching the child and not the subject' which involves experiential teaching strategies that foster critical thinking.

Mr. R. Radhakrishnan, Director of Academics

Mr. R. Radhakrishnan, the School Academic Director, from 2011, hails from Nagercoil. After graduating in Science and Education, he got post-graduate degrees in Maths and English, and went on to get MBA (HRM) and MPhil (Mgt). He has almost three decades of experience teaching in top-notch institutions like Akal Academy in Himachal Pradesh (1990 to 1993), Nissan Public School in Haryana (1994 to 1998) and Dr. GR Public School – Neyyattinkara as Principal (1998 to 2002 and 2006 to 2010), with a stint at IGCSE & O under the Ministry of Education, Republic of Maldives (2002 to 2006).

He has been an active Teacher Trainer and has always encouraged teachers to help students in 'Learning how to Learn'. He is a CCE master trainer and has led motivational training classes for the teachers of various schools in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He is much interested in developing personality skills among students through a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Mrs. Sreekala A.K., Vice Principal

Mrs. Sreekala A.K., the Vice Principal, is from Thiruvananthapuram. She is a post-graduate in Biology and Philosophy with PGDCA and a BEd degree. She has been a teacher from 1989, working in Vocational Higher Secondary Schools in Kulathoor and Parassala and in N.S.S. Higher Secondary School, Dhanuvachapuram, till 2009. From 2009, she has been the Vice Principal of Sai Krishna Public School.

She has attended various workshops and training sessions conducted by CBSE. Learning through doing, focusing more on activities than on textbooks, is her approach to teaching. Her unfailing dynamism, consummate passion and immense energy in the teaching profession make her a model for all in the field.

The faculty members


Name of Teacher



1 Renuka Thankam Principal MSc, BEd
2 Sreekala A.K. V.P./PGT MSc (Zoo), BEd
3 Beena Roy C.M. PGT MA, (Eng), MEd
4 Bindhu Latha K. PGT MSc (Maths), BEd
5 Aswathy S.K. PGT MSc(Phy), BEd
6 Sheeja S. PGT MSc (Che), BEd
7 Padma Priya C. PGT MCA
8 Anuprabha M. TGT BA (Eng), BEd
9 Rajani O. TGT BA (Hin) , BEd
10 Ashadevi P. TGT MA (Mal), BEd
11 Sunitha D.R. TGT MSc (Maths), BEd
12 Sheeja G.S. TGT MA (History), MEd
13 Bindu P. TGT MA (History), BEd
14 Ratheesh G. TGT MSc (Phy), BEd
15 Sindhu R. PRT MA, BEd (Mal)
16 Kavya V.C. PRT MA (Eng), BEd,
17 Kumari Sheeba K.V. PRT MA (S.S.),MPhil, BEd, SET
18 Nayana S.J. PRT BSc (Bot), BEd
19 Ashasam D.O. PRT MCom, Sahithyacharya
20 Rajeswari Amma D. PRT BSc (Maths), BEd
21 Susha G. Nair PRT BA (SS), BEd
22 Sree kumara Devi P.L. PRT MA (Pol), BEd
23 Preetha Kumari V.C. PRT Acharya (Hindi)
24 Rani R. PRT BSc (Bio-Chem), BEd
25 Vijitha K.V. PRT BA (Eng), DLEd
26 Remya Devi V.S. PRT BA (Mal), BEd
27 Kumari Saritha K.C. PRT BSc, BEd
28 Subha M. Nair PRT BA, Sahithyacharya
29 Anusha D.A. PRT BSc, BEd
30 Sree Nidhi S.R. PRT BSc, BEd (Maths)
31 Shyna Mabel N. PRT MA, BEd, SET (Mal)
32 Ariya Prabha U.P. PRT MA, BEd
33 Indulekha G.A. PRT Com. Sc. BCom, PGDCA
34 Sheeja K. S. Librarian BA, PGDCA, BLISC
35 Sree Remya L.R. PRT BSc (Maths), BEd, DCA
36 Nisha V. R. PRT BA (Eng), BCS, PGDCa, Tally
37 Japhilin Juliet S. PRT BA( Eng), BEd
38 Sreelatha H. TGT BSc (Bio), BEd
39 Saju Kumar S. PET CPEd, BPEd, PG Diploma in Yoga
40 Sanesh C.K. PET MPEd
41 Aparna K.M. PET DPEd
42 Rajesh Krishnan G. Art DIPLC
43 Binu Kumar K. PRT Music Ganabhushanam
44 Sumoth Kumar G. PRT Music Ganabhushanam, Hindusthani Tabala
45 Rames S. PRT Dance BA(Bharathanatyam, Kuchupudi)
46 MohanaKumar K. Karate Master Black Belt, MSc (Maths)
47 Dr.GopaKumar S. Psychologist PHd (Clinical and child psychology)
48 Anija Johnson KGT PDC, PPTTC
49 Sreekala Nayar S. KGT BCom, PPTTC
50 Asha S. K. KGT BA, PPTCC
51 Sreeja V.S. KGT BSc, PPTCC
52 Vishnu Priya D.V. KGT BSC, PPTCC
53 Lekshmi M. Nair KGT BA, PPTCC
55 Sreekala V. KGT PDC,PPTCC
56 Bindhu S. KGT PDC,Diploma
58 Reshmi Rajan KGT MSc(Computer Science)
59 Divya Das KGT Sahithyacharya, BEd(Hindi)
60 Anjana P. Nair KGT MA, BEd
61 Sree Lekshmi R. KGT BCom, PPTCC
62 Nadar Viji Vikraman KGT BA, BCA
63 Manjusha P. KGT MA, PPTCC

Besides, there are 41non-teaching personnel including 2 clerks, 2 peons, 1 storekeeper, 1 lab assistant, 15 drivers, 20 ayahs, 4 security personnel, 2 gardeners and 1 transport manager.